A Comprehensive Guide to Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

Are you ready to step up your fall and winter fashion game? Shiny, bright colours paired with chic and comfortable fabrics. Don’t know what’s been making the rounds on the catwalks this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll tell you all about the 2018/19 fall/winter fashion trends that have been sweeping the industry this season. So break out your warmest layers and ready yourself to look bang on trend all winter long!

1. Cozy Up This Fall: A Guide to This Season’s Must Have Fashions

Fall is the perfect season to cozy up and relax in your favorite layers. Whether you’re prepping for a chilly day on campus or a night on the town, this season’s must-have fashions will help you navigate any situation.

When you want the timeless charm of a by-gone era, try monochrome looks. Try a striped turtleneck with a luxe velvet skirt and knee-high boots. Top it off with a structured cape and tote bag. This look hits the perfect notes of classic sophistication.

For a look that strikes the right balance between comfy and cool, opt for granddad-chic. Start with a graphic t-shirt or flannel shirt, and top it off with a corduroy jacket. Finish off the look with jeans and a pair of layered necklaces or bracelets.

If you’re looking for something special that you won’t get from the mall, try a style that is all your own. For inspiration, look to eclectic vintage pieces from thrift stores or online shops. Pair a statement top or dress with your favorite vintage boots and ready-to-wear pieces. Don’t forget to add an unexpected accessory, like a leopard print bag or a big-brimmed hat.

2. Say Hello to Chunky Knits and Bold Colors for a Winter Makeover

Greet yourself this winter with knits in bright hues – for that cool and cosy look! Layer up with chunky sweater sets in vibrant shades like yellow, pink, orange and purple. And if you’d like to stick to the classics, try investing in a timeless camel, navy or black knit in lofty textures.

Check out the catwalk trends for some classic winter colour combinations – an heir of greens and blues, a cool shade of lilac, wintery whites, greys and browns, or even classic monotone colours! With so much to choose from, the creative flair is endless.

You could also jazz up your winter wardrobe with bold statement pieces to break the monotony. From chunky scarves and fluffy hats to statement sweaters – a single piece of winter wear can totally change your look.

  • Experiment with different bold colours – like deep reds, blazing pinks, and midnight blues for a fun look.
  • Try a patterned sweater set to add just the right amount of quirk.
  • Stack up on chunky knits to layer with thin turtlenecks or pop-of-colour camisoles.

Getting creative with winter wear has never been so much fun. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to brave the nip in the air in the chicest way possible!

3. Trade In Summer’s Sun Hats for Warm Toques and Scarves

As warm days dwindle and the chill of Autumn winds creep in, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning your wardrobe from Summer’s bright and happy sunhats to something a little cozier. Rainy days and chilly nights call for something a bit sturdier than an open-brimmed hat.

When the temperatures start to dip, it’s time to trade your summer wear for something made of thicker material. Here are a few options to keep your winter wardrobe warm and stylish:

  • Toques – toques are a great way to keep your ears warm and show off your style. For a plain and classic look, go for a basic beanie style. For something a bit edgier, try adding a pom pom or faux fur trim.
  • Scarves – scarves add color and texture to an outfit. Toss a brightly colored scarf over a basic turtleneck, or for something more formal, tie a pocket square around your neck. You can also wrap a blanket or pashmina for a chic, yet practical look.
  • Hats – while your wide-brimmed hats won’t be able to keep the chill at bay, you can still use them as an accessory. Go for a sporty baseball cap, a fedora for sophistication, or a wide-brimmed hat for extra protection against the chill.

Keep Summer’s bright and airy feeling alive by adding a few new items to your wardrobe this season. Don’t let the cold prevent your sense of style from shining through – stay warm and look good with these clever winter accessories.

4. Layering Secrets to Keep You Warm and Fashionable All Season

Layering is one of the oldest fashion tricks in the book – it’s a tried and true technique that can keep you warm and looking stylish all season long. But, it takes a little bit of knowledge to know what works best – and here are some tips to help you out.

The Base Layer: The base layer is key to ensuring you stay warm, as it is directly attached to your skin. Look for lightweight items made of Lycra, wool, or silk. Cotton items are not recommended, as they tend to absorb more moisture.

Middle Layer: The bulk of your layering should come from your middle layer. Look for items such as sweaters, hoodies, and long-sleeve shirts. Pick pieces that are thinner than your base layer, so that it won’t overheat you – but thick enough to provide ample insulation.

The Outer Layer: The outer layer should be wind-resistant and water repellent. Pick a coat or jacket that keeps you warm and looks stylish. You can choose from items such as parkas, wint coats, and leather jackets.

Accessorizing: To complete your look, consider adding some stylish accessories. Things like infinity scarves, beanie hats, and gloves are great for those cold days – plus, they look great with any outfit.

From mauve to burgundy, it’s all about embracing the colors of fall. Get inspired by the latest trends to help you plan your wardrobe for the cooler months ahead. There are plenty of ways to get creative with color this season.

  • Mauve: a muted shade of purple
  • Mustard: a warm, earthy hue
  • Tangerine: a bright, bold color
  • Navy: a classic, dark blue
  • Burgundy: a deep red-brown

These colors can all be paired with neutral tones and light styling for a sophisticated look. Add some sparkle to a navy dress with gold accents, or try pairing a mauve cardigan with jeans and a white t-shirt for a casual day ensemble. Try throwing on a mustard scarf with tangerine trousers for a more playful look.

Imagine a burgundy dress with statement earrings for a night out – a timeless look that will never be forgotten. Let these rich colors fill in your wardrobe to help you prepare for the season ahead. You can never go wrong with autumn hues!

Don’t waste any more time worrying about what to wear in the fall/winter months; this comprehensive guide has you covered! So rock the new trends and strut confidently into the colder months, knowing that no matter what your style, you have everything you need to feel fashionably prepared.

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