The Evolution of Celebrity Style Through the Decades

From the flappers of the Roaring Twenties to the edgy trendsetters of today, celebrity style has changed and evolved through the decades. Each era showcased unique fashion trends shaped by the culture of the time and has become an important part of our common collective history. Read on to explore the evolution of celebrity style and how it has influenced and impacted our everyday lives.

The Twenties, otherwise known as the Roaring Twenties, was an era of unforgettable style and fashion. There are certain trends that have come to define the decade – trends that have become iconic symbols for the decade.

  • Tuxedo Flapper Dress – was a popular style of women’s evening wear during the Twenties. Marlene Dietrich wore the Tuxedo Flapper dress in her film Morocco – the styling of the dress embodied the romantic yet modern look of the era.
  • Cloche Hat – was a bell-shaped hat worn by women of the Twenties. It became closely associated with the era, and is a timeless classic that continues to be referenced in contemporary trends.
  • Velvet Dresses and Suits – velvet was used to great effect during the Twenties, creating glamorous and luxurious outfits. Velvet was used to create elegant and modern day looks as well as classic eveningwear.
  • Bobbed Hair – the iconic hairstyle of the Twenties was the bob. A short hair cut, often with a fringe, this look signified a rejection of the outdated Victorian styling for something far more modern.

The Twenties was a vivid and transformational period of time. The fashion of the period embodied the spirit of the era – a time of progress and excitement. From the velvet material to the bobbed hair, the clothing and styling of the Twenties continues to be an inspiration.

2. Glitzy Glamour: Fashion of the Fabulous Forties

The 1940s was a time of sophistication and refinement and the fashion of the era did not disappoint! Designers during this period experienced a shift from the utilitarian needs of war to the glamour of peacetime. Women’s fashion in the 40s was all about experimenting with structure and style that was powerful yet elegant – think sharp fitted suits and dresses with shoulder pads.

This fashion era was also marked by the debut of new fabrics such as rayon and nylon, increasing the availability of clothing to the public. Here is a list of must-haves in your wardrobe for a glamorous look:

  • The Midi Skirt: Evening and daywear and often worn with tailored blouses.
  • Plaid: Still trending today, these checked fabrics made its appearance in 1940s.
  • The Wrap Dress: This is a classic style with a flouncy skirt and a built-in belt to fit any silhouette.
  • The Bomber Jacket: A wardrobe staple typically paired with jeans.

Other fashion trends seen on the streets of 1940s included large, structured hats, gloves, and fancy necklaces as well as on-trend hairstyles such as victory rolls and pin curls. Makeup was also popular during this era with ladies embracing red lipstick as well as dramatic eyeshadow and contour looks.

All in all the 1940s brought us some of the classic pieces that are still worn today. It’s an aspirational era that is equal parts glamour and elegance, perfect for modern fashionistas. So why not take some inspiration from the timeless styles of the fabulous forties and create your own version with a modern spin!

3. Swinging Sixties Style: All That’s Groovy and Mod

We all know the Swinging Sixties—the time of liberation, hippies, optimism and breaking all the rules. And of course the style to go with it! The Swinging Sixties look was about taking the traditional and giving it a modern twist: think Mary Quant miniskirts matched with oversized turtlenecks and go-go boots. It’s no surprise this style has been influential ever since!

Here’s what you need to know about the Swinging Sixties style:

  • Texture: Mixing fabrics and textures is key! Opposites attract, so go for velvet with linen and more contrasting fabrics.
  • Color: Bright colors are essential for your outfit, in bold primary shades and mixed together. Try pairing yellow with green or blue.
  • Accessories: Accessories make your look stand out! You should go for oversized jewelry and blunt bangs, if you dare.

The 1960s style is great for making a statement – and breaking the rules of fashion. So whether you’re a Mod or a Hippie, add a bit of Swinging Sixties to your wardrobe and join the revolution!

4. Disco Glam: Seventies’ Fashion that Never Got Old

In the seventies, fashion was all about one word: glamour. From boldly printed suits to platform shoes, disco glam looks were everywhere. Fads of the era included bright synthetic fabrics and wild patterns and textures. It was the kind of style you wanted your wardrobe—and your life—to embody.

No look is more iconic than that of the disco dancer. Shiny, skin-tight looks were often paired with billowing oversized patterns, creating a visual that was as striking as it was glamorous. Disco dancers weren’t afraid of color or patterns, choosing instead to express their personality with style. And the result was often dazzling.

Whether it was onstage or out on the town, disco glam fashion often found its way into closets everywhere. And that’s why the look stands the test of time. Unconventional yet timeless, it’s still popular today.

  • Boldly printed suits
  • Platform shoes
  • Bright synthetic fabrics
  • Wild patterns and textures
  • Shiny, skin-tight looks
  • Oversized patterns

It’s no wonder that the disco glam look never gets old. While its popularity may come and go, it’s due for its regular revival. Why not revive it now? After all, there’s no better time to glam up than this season.

5. Wearing Your Heart on Your (Designer) Sleeve: Eighties and Beyond

Wearing your emotions on your sleeve is nothing new, but in the ’80s the look was taken to a new level. Taking cues and inspiration from the era’s pop culture icons, it was during this time that hearts, crosses, and other symbols started next to names of designer labels, from Gucci to Versace to Yves Saint Laurent. The iconic look is still a statement of sorts today.

The incorporation of bold logomania alongside hearts and crosses was a versatile way to show off wealth and status. It’s also a way to let people know what you cared about, ranging from declaring your faith to showing off your sense of style.

Whether it’s a bag, a T-shirt, or a hat, this look still remains strong today. For those who want to make a statement in the classic way, these are still stylish and recognizable looks.

Look to the following for iconic takes on the heart-print trend:

  • Gucci’s iconic crest with hearts
  • Burberry’s classic heart print
  • Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Heart pattern
  • The Chanel logo with a heart

From curvaceous silk gowns of the 1950s to mini dresses and go-go boots of the 60s to the wild extravagance of the 70s, celebrity fashion through the decades has been an ever-evolving kaleidoscope of eccentric inspiration and experimentation. So, take a cue from your favorite stars and be your own trend-setter – because you never know what the next decade will bring.

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